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Meet the Board Members of BAIS

Interview with Barnabás Vagany, the co-founder of BAIS

Barni on one of the hikes organized by BAIS

Barnabás Vagany, is the member of the BAIS presidency since the beginning of its establishment. Check out our second blog piece from our Meet the team series and find out what kinds of sports our co-founder practices in his daily life or which event lies closest to his heart!

Please, tell me more about your connection to sports and your background!

I grew up in Sweden, went to high school in Hungary and studied psychology at the University in Scotland. I’ve worked at different multinational companies such as Eaton or Thermofisher. I liked to play and engage in physical activity already as a young kid. My parents were sporty people too, and it was quite natural that I would be practicing sports as well. Luckily, I enjoyed it and playing sports became my number one leisure activity.

What kinds of sports do you do?

Ulitmate Frisbee

I competed in judo and swimming for several years. Since my university years I’ve practiced many other sports as well, like running, yoga, Cross-Fit, calisthenics, snowboarding, wake-boarding, kite-surfing, to name a few.

What is your connection to BAIS? How did you become a member of the board?

I am the co-founder and was there at the beginning when BAIS was still an informal group of youngsters who aimed to organize free, sporty events for internationals and Hungarians in Budapest. I’ve been in the leadership group of the organization from the get-go. When in 2017, BAIS was officially registered, I was elected (and re-elected) as board member alongside the president and vice-president posts.

What are the specific things you are responsible for at the organization?

The BAIS board consists of three people. Everybody takes part in the decision making processes that includes meetings and calls on a daily basis. To make it easier for us to work my tasks include, for example, managing our local events and support the Sport Event Coordinator.

Video making in progress

What was your favourite BAIS event?

There are so many that are close to my heart! The hikes are definitely a highlight for example, but a recent cool event was the Mondiali Sport Festival (part of an Erasmus+ collaborative partnership), where all people involved with BAIS contributed immensely to this successful mini sport festival.

How has COVID-19 affected the organization? And what are your future goals?

This pandemic period is effecting everyone’s life. We had to move our activities into the online sphere and e.g. connect with the team over zoom. Fingers crossed, hopefully the health situation improves, and we can restart our “in person” activities.

Barnabas Vagany, co-founder of BAIS

"Last summer, people were so happy to join our outdoor events when the restrictions were eased up. We trust this will be the case again and we can continue to organize fun and community building activities!"

Hope we all can join the BAIS events as well! Find out more about the BAIS team members here.

Budapest, 2021. 04. 27.

Meet the author:

Dorottya Rekecki

"I truly believe that sport has the power to make changes in terms of social inclusion. At BAIS, we are using this beloved tool for that within our projects and events, and I am so grateful for being part of this community where you can learn a lot."
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