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Meet the BAIS board members

I made a short, but a meaningful interview with the newest Board member who got elected in December. Amine Mseddi, one of the most active member of the BAIS family, who is with us from the beginning, helping a lot with our events and projects, as well.

Amine Mseddi

Please, tell me more about your connection to sports and your background!

While my background as an architect and urbanist is mainly related to sports from a space design perspective, my personal connection to sports is quite tighter. I have always been a sport lover, visiting many types since my childhood. Besides street football, my journey with sports started at 6 years old with my passion for martial arts when I tried Karate and then switched to Kung Fu for a couple of years. Growing up, we modeled every worldwide competition we could hear of into a neighborhood scale, especially football, basketball, handball, and volleyball, alongside with middle and high school PE classes. Later on, I played Tennis for a year, got involved in outdoor sports such as caving, hiking, climbing. More recently, I did kick-boxing and participated in a world championship of Teqpong in Budapest.

Tell me about your experience in volunteering?

Volunteering started by helping organizing some events in high school including artistic shows and a TEDx event. When I joined Sfax Outdoor Sports association, the volunteering was more focused on the graphic design aspect as well as the logistics of local sport events.

Amine, holding an ice breaker game

What is your connection to BAIS? How did you become a member of the board?

My journey with BAIS started with a couple of hikes that I joined as an expat and a fan of outdoor sports. I got to meet the lovely people of BAIS and talk with them and I got hooked to the various events and motivated to try new things. Seeing how welcoming and fun the group is, I decided to be a part of this family and tried to add value by participating, helping organizing events. I got the chance to be on several youth exchange programs with BAIS and I was experimented enough to lead cerrain teams and organize local events. Being a board member was like a natural continuity to my activity within BAIS. I wasn’t quite sure at the beginning but I finally decided to run for the position versus a very dear friend and face this new challenge willing to continue to add value.

Volunteering at the Mondiali Sport Festival

How does a day look like working in BAIS? What are the specific things you are responsible for?

Well, working with a bunch of friends is not something to complain about. The workload is not super heavy. It is mainly related to communication concerning team meetings, welcoming volunteer, sharing opportunities and discussing new events.

What was your favourite event of BAIS? Which was closer to your heart?

The first exchange program in Izmir, Turkey will always has that unique charm. Not only because it was the first, but also for the quality of the project and the human connections. The Sport Afternoon Fun with BAIS, as simple as it may sound, is also a special event to me, since I was taking care of it most of the time collaborating woth my friends to make it a recurrent success. Needless to mention the second project in Izmir that led to an unusual and unforgettable Covid-related adventure.

And what are your future goals as a member of the presidency?

At a winter hike
I would like to contribute in creating quality events more consistently, being the sport NGO n°1 in Hungary, having bigger cooperations and reaching international scale events.

Find out more about the BAIS team members here.

Budapest, 2022.04. 13.

Meet the author:

Dorottya Rekecki

"I truly believe that sport has the power to make changes in terms of social inclusion. At BAIS, we are using this beloved tool for that within our projects and events, and I am so grateful for being part of this community where you can learn a lot."

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