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AccESD Project's First Module: Exploring Climate Change's Impact and Solutions


Climate change is a global challenge that affects every corner of the world. It's a pressing issue that demands collective action and awareness. On 10th October 2022, in the picturesque city of Zagreb, Croatia, the first module of the AccESD project kicked off with a bang! The event, titled "What is climate change and how will it affect me?", exceeded all expectations, setting the stage for a series of impactful workshops to come.

The AccESD Project:

The AccESD project, spearheaded by Active Citizens and Sustainable Society Accelerator (ACC), is a commendable initiative aimed at addressing the crucial issue of climate change. Its primary goal is to foster awareness, collaboration, and sustainable solutions to combat the challenges posed by climate change. The project's first module was a testament to their dedication and vision.

The Event Highlights:

The first module was held at the beautiful Wespa Spaces in Zagreb and attracted participants from all walks of life. The organizers, ACC, delivered insightful presentations on the latest updates regarding climate change's impact on today's society. The event was not just about passive learning; participants, representing various project partners, actively engaged in discussions, sharing ideas, concepts, and experiences.

Icebreakers and Interactive Learning:

To break the ice and promote interaction, the workshop began with icebreaker activities. These activities allowed participants to get to know each other better, fostering a sense of camaraderie. The use of interactive online tools for quizzes added an engaging element to the learning process, making it fun and informative.

The Power of Kayaktivism:

One of the most exciting takeaways from the workshop was the discovery of "kayaktivism" as an effective activity to combat climate change in local communities. Participants were introduced to this novel concept, which highlighted how taking action at a grassroots level can make a significant impact on the fight against climate change.

Feedback and Gratitude:

At the end of the workshop, participants filled out evaluation forms, providing valuable feedback to the organizers. This feedback will be instrumental in shaping the upcoming ESD Module 2 – "What's the cause of climate change?" ACC expressed its heartfelt gratitude to Active Citizens for their dedication in organizing the workshop and to all the participants for being a part of this inaugural international meeting.

A Milestone in International Cooperation:

The AccESD project marks a significant milestone in international cooperation, particularly in the field of sport. Notably, four out of five participating partners in this project are newcomers, demonstrating the growing global interest in addressing climate change through sports and community engagement.

Looking Ahead:

The journey has just begun, and the next stop on this exciting adventure is Budapest, Hungary. The upcoming workshop will be hosted by BAIS (Budapest Association for International Sport), a worthy partner known for its expertise in this domain. Anticipation is high, as participants eagerly await the next phase of the AccESD project and the valuable insights that BAIS will bring to the table.


The success of the first module of the AccESD project is a testament to the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community engagement in addressing climate change. As we move forward, the world can look to initiatives like AccESD as beacons of hope in the fight against climate change. Together, we can make a difference, one workshop at a time, and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future. Stay tuned for more updates from AccESD as we continue our journey towards a greener and more sustainable planet. 🌍🤸‍♂️

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