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Urban Sports?


Most sports practiced in an urban environment can be considered an urban sport. Usually what comes to mind is skateboarding, BMX riding, Parkour, Street workout and ball sports, such as basketball or football.

Why try them?

Nathaniel Camilleri at the UUM Urban Sports Festival

Urban sports are becoming more and more popular though there are not many volunteering opportunities within this subculture of sports. Urban sports attract young people from all backgrounds and are accessible to all (you can do them at playground or park for example), as most of these sports activities do not need any equipment (parkour, callisthenics) or they need very little investment.

Want to know more?

The United Through Urban Movement project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, was a project written and lead by us at BAIS and it was targeted to involve youth with disadvantaged – to provide them an opportunity to learn parkour, 3v3 basketball and street workout, volunteering, resume writing, social inclusion through sports and a few more things.

Together with our partners and volunteers we successfully realised an Urban Sport Festival in Malta where more than 160 registrants and 500+ spectators came!

What else did we prepare for you?

Plenty of high quality tutorials were shot by our team that you can watch and learn how to do the basics of urban sports!

Check our beginner-friendly street workout videos

Always wondered how to play 3x3 basketball?Learn from our tutorial!

Cool moves.

Absolutely urban.

Check our parkour tutorial.

Can't get enough of urban sports?

Check the UUM project page:

Is volunteering worth it?

Another yes! The UUM volunteers gained valuable knowledge, hands-on experience and forged new relationships thanks to joining this project and investing a bit of their time into it (this was reported by them in their final feedback form!😍).

Feel free to contact us at if you fancy volunteering in Budapest with a civil NGO active in the field of sports.

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