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United through Urban Movement

January 2021 – September 2022

The project and its name encompasses and promotes the idea of social inclusion and integration through the word “united” and aims to transfer the idea that physical activity unites us all. “Urban movement” is related to urban sports but the word “movement” is broader and accessible, it is something we do every day. “Movement” also represents the social movement of the participants, staff, volunteers, and individuals in the wider society. The word “through” aims at showing that it is through sport we can reach mobility, become inclusive, and spread the word about the benefits of volunteerism. This resonates with the idea of “education through sport” in our view.



Main objectives:

· Promote mobility, social inclusion, and sport-based education for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds

· Provide relevant volunteer work experience for disadvantaged youth through involving them in the organization of small-scale, urban sport-based events

· Give and include the target group in personal skills development workshops centered around employability

· Promote the selected urban sports (Parkour, Street workout, 3x3 Streetball) as “accessible for all” and fun ways of doing physical activity/sport

· To raise awareness of the benefits of movement/physical activity, physiological and social, including the positive impact it can have on mental well-being as well

· Prepare and share an editable, online database with “good practices”, which will be used to realize the small-scale urban sport festival

· Educational Youtube channel highlighting the basics of the Parkour, 3x3 Streetball and Street workout/Calisthenics

Check out the links to the UUM platforms for more info. and project outcomes!


Partners listed:

Magyar Parkour Sportegyesület (MPSE, also known as HOP), Hungary

LEAP Sports Scotland, UK

M.S.S.A: Malta Street Sport Association, Malta

SEA: Sport Evolution Alliance, Portugal

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