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6 Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated to Run during the Freezing Cold Winter

Do you lack the motivation to go running during these cold, mushy winter days? Check out our latest blog post by Yahya containing 6 tips on how to keep yourself psyched to run during winter!

  1. Switch it up! Running doesn't have to be at a steady pace. Take advantage of the hills, do some Fartleks, speed it up or slow it down.

  2. Have a snack waiting 🌭 Let's keep it real, there's nothing better than a treat after a run. Why not use that as motivation when the running gets tough? It can even be your favorite tea or coffee at the end of the run. ☕

The first 21K

3. Keep it social! It's always easier to jog with a buddy. Time and distance just melt when you are in good company.

We're always organizing group runs, so stay on the lookout for those. 👀

4. Look good, feel good! The first rule of running: Look good. It's exciting to break in those brand new shoes, cute lettings, or that amazing top you just got. It boosts confidence like nothing else. Wear what you love and feel comfortable in.

5. Set a goal! Winter miles make for summer smiles 😄 Make sure to have a goal you're running for, from a zippy 5k to a grueling marathon. Your legs will thank you for all the training.

the BAIS running group

6. Enjoy being a winter warrior. You did it! You ran in the cold, you braved the crisp and cool air and managed to finish that run. Make sure to take a quick selfie before your hands freeze and share it with your friends to inspire them!
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