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 Human Rights Education Through Sports

October 24-30, 2022

October 24 - 30 marked the implementation of our Erasmus + Mobility Project
Human Rights Education Through Sports’ in the heart of Budapest.
The Youth Exchange brought together 30 wonderful participants from Spain, Italy,
Turkey, Poland, Germany, and Hungary.


The objectives of the project are:

- Familiarize young people with HRE in order to be able to act for social change and
accomplish the goal of sustaining peaceful, just, and inclusive societies in Europe.
- Improve the validity of sports as tool for human rights education and advocacy.
- Develop critical human rights consciousness in young people through sports.
- Improve the knowledge of human rights education and the importance of non-
formal education, which will improve the quality of social work and employability of
the participants.
- Strengthen the activities of partner organizations aimed at the creation of a culture
of peace in Europe, based upon universal values of human rights through sports.

As a result, the participants created and designed sport games to promote and
educate about Human Rights. They put them into practice through a human rights
education through sports workshop during BAIS sports afternoon open event on
Margaret Island.


To learn more about the sports games our amazing participants created, you can check out our manual and video manual!


Associazione Agrado APS - Italy
Asociación Entrejuegos  - Spain
Level Up - Poland

Istanbul Kültür Ve Spor Derneği - Turkey
East-West-East Germany e. V. - Germany

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