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Erasmus+ Projects 

Since its foundation, Budapest Association for International Sport has been actively involved in the realization of international projects. Starting from 2016 we developed and implemented several international youth initiatives such as the Erasmus+ program funded youth exchanges and training courses. Our projects are mostly based on the educational potential of sport and physical activity, we utilize sport for the purposes of non-formal education. We believe sport can be a useful tool for tackling nowadays social challenges from physical inactivity to social exclusion. In our understanding sport is not just a tool, but an ultimate platform to bring people together, find common language and incentivize friendship and mutual understanding. 

Besides the realization of international projects we engage in a variety of partnerships around the topics of sport, physical activity, social inclusion, active citizenship and entrepreneurship. Since 2016 we have delegated over hundred youngsters to international youth exchanges, training courses and sport-related seminars. Our goal is to promote sport-based international mobility and learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, age, culture, ethnicity religion or sexual orientation. 

Erasmus+ Youth
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Erasmus+ Sport


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