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Active is Fun

5 September 2021 -12 September 2021

The Youth exchange called Active is Fun was hosted by us in Bakonyszentlaszlo and Budapest between 5-12th of September 2021, with 30 youngsters coming from 5 countries, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Hungary, and sharing lots of knowledge, experience, and good practices for 7 days.


The Youth Exchange focused on active lifestyle practices, healthy eating habits, and inclusion through sports, and the understanding the importance of being active, on both, physical and mental well-being, the danger of sedentary lifestyle, what are the major myths in sports and physical activities and nutrition and how we can fight them, as well as providing the youth with the tools, especially digital ones they will need to improve their daily habits, activity level, and nutrition.
The participants designed their 30 days active lifestyle challenge and designed a set of games to share the different European values through sports. The participants also took part in the Integration Sports Day held in Budapest in order to practice some Paralympics games, and get more acquainted with sports designed for people with disabilities.


United Societies of Balkans - Greece
Associazione TDM 2000 - Italy
Asociación Entrejuegos  - Spain
Istanbul Kültür Ve Spor Derneği Turkey

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