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"Building bridges through Sport."


Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) is a volunteer-based, youth-led non-profit organization with the mission of promoting physical activity, healthy lifestyle, intercultural understanding, active citizenship and participation through sport-based non-formal education. The organisation has 2 branches, one focuses on local activities and the other one is working on international cooperations like Erasmus+.
With our local activities, we mainly focus on internationals living in Budapest, but our events are open for everyone who wants to spend their free time actively in an international setting. We organise hiking, kayaking, ultimate frisbee, caving (and a lot more) events which are all led by our members and they are open to the public. We have long-term cooperation with Budapest Hikers also, which gives us room to organise hikes not just in Budapest but all over Hungary.

Our primary goal is to make physical activity most accessible and enjoyable for everyone, this is why we like the name – We Move Budapest.
In our other branch, we create learning and mobility opportunities through the organization of sport and recreational activities, youth exchanges, seminars and training courses. BAIS is the leading Hungarian NGO in the field of Education through Sport (ETS).




BAIS has been realizing Erasmus+ youth and sports projects since its foundation. Our expertise involves Education through Sport, social inclusion and active citizenship through sport and education for a healthy and active lifestyle. BAIS is a reliable sending organization that has delegated over a hundred youngsters and youth leaders to various international projects.





Learn more about our regular sport events, hikes and get-togethers in and around Budapest! All our events are organised by our volunteers who are passionate about sports and physical activity! With our events, we mainly target internationals living in Budapest but our doors are open for everyone. Our main goal is to connect people and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle! For more information and upcoming activities, visit our Facebook page or contact us.



Do you live in Budapest? Sport is your passion? Do you believe in the power of non-formal education? If you would like to belong to a sporty, international and friendly community of active young people, come and team up with us! From sports volunteering, event management to project coordination you will have chance to develop your skills and to meet new friends in the city! 



You read about our events and projects but you still have some unanswered questions? Then get in contact with us! Maybe we can answer those remaining questions... 

Leave a message on our contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you leave your email address which is currently in use so we can reach you easily.






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