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AccESD third project meeting - exploring nature and expanding our knowledge on sustainability

Between the 29th of September and the 1st of October, the BAIS team took part in the third project meeting of the AccESD Erasmus+ funded project, which was held in Bovec, Slovenia, courtesy of Kajakaško društvo Brkati som. During these three days, we had the opportunity to combine formal and non-formal methods of education and experience-sharing, thanks to a wide variety of activities and meaningful discussions between all participating organisations.

On Saturday, all teams joined forces to try out whitewater kayaking, which proved to be a first-time attempt for a lot of the participants; nonetheless, we all had a wonderful time collecting new memories, while also developing a more profound understanding of the importance of the protection of our nature and environment.

After our physical activity, we all headed to our well-deserved local lunch, which was followed by an incredibly inspiring and rewarding workshop and roundtable discussion. The panel was led by BAIS, and we had the chance to present our latest Erasmus+ projects concerning sustainability, including the GETS project, which is one of our current flagship initiatives, offering a unique e-learning platform to everyone who wants to organise sports activities in a sustainable, environment-friendly manner.

During this session, the participating organisations also engaged in discussions regarding their own experiences with citizens’ involvement in environment-friendly practices on the local level, which shed light on the fact that despite the different national settings, these pressing issues concern each and every one of us.

Later that day, we went on a small hike, exploring the surroundings of Bovec, including a waterfall and a water reserve, which is used to distribute energy to the households of the area.

On Sunday, we took part in the second water sport of the weekend, which was canyoning. The event turned out incredibly fun, and while we were exploring the beauty of our surroundings, we were also reminded how unique nature is and how important it is to preserve it in its rightful state, for future generations to enjoy. The activity involved all sorts of movements, including sliding, jumping and rope climbing, all in the water, which will definitely remain a lasting memory in our minds.

We returned to Budapest full of unforgettable memories, great lessons and inspiration from other project partners, and we cannot wait for the next chapter, which will be held in Zagreb, Croatia.

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