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September 3 - September 10, 2023

In the heart of Europe, in the charming town of Szigetszentmárton, Hungary, a remarkable journey took place in September 2023. Young hearts from Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Spain converged to become Eco-Athletes, and their mission was nothing short of heroic: to raise awareness about the environment, promote sustainability, and change the world through sports.


🌍 The Eco-Athletes' Odyssey 🌍

The Eco-Athletes project, an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange initiative, was an unforgettable adventure that brought 36 passionate youth together. The project's main objectives were clear:

  • Raising Awareness and Empowering Youth: The journey began with a profound realization that our planet faces various environmental challenges, from air pollution to deforestation. Eco-Athletes aimed to equip young minds with the knowledge and motivation to address these issues head-on.

  • Promoting Sustainability and Healthy Lifestyles: Recognizing the power of sports as a universal language, the project harnessed the energy of games and activities to advocate for sustainable practices and active living. It encouraged young participants to embrace healthy habits, proper nutrition, and an active lifestyle.

  • Fostering Active Citizenship: Beyond just awareness, the project strived to empower these young individuals to become agents of change in their communities. They were not mere spectators but catalysts for positive transformation, taking ownership of their roles as global citizens.

  • Building Cross-Cultural Connections: The Eco-Athletes' journey was an exquisite tapestry of cultures. It celebrated diversity and encouraged the sharing of experiences and knowledge, uniting different backgrounds for a common purpose.

  • Developing Key Competencies and Skills: Sports and games became the medium for learning valuable life skills. Through these activities, personal and social growth became an organic part of the journey.

Take a look at the video summarizing all the moments of the Project:















🎮 The Six Eco-Games 🎮

As the project unfolded, the Eco-Athletes crafted six inspiring sports-based games. Each game was a unique creation, a blend of fun and purpose, delivering powerful messages about sustainability. These games spoke of unity, sustainability, and the potential to be catalysts for positive change.

Game 1: Run for Your Life
Game 2: Tom & Jerry – How to raise awareness on environmental issues through sports 
Game 3: Capture the Trophy
Game 4: The Ecohunt
Game 5: Metal, Paper, Plastic
Game 6: Bring Them All!

The Eco-Athletes' journey was nothing short of extraordinary, transforming knowledge into action, creating a bridge between awareness and impact. The games they designed are the embodiment of their commitment to making a difference, one game at a time.















💪 Join the Movement 💪

Eco-Athletes invite you to be a part of this movement for a greener, kinder world. Watch the video showcasing their remarkable games, share their stories, and get inspired to take action in your own community.

📽️ Summary video 📽️

Let's celebrate the triumph of Eco-Athletes and continue our enchanting journey. With every game played, every story shared, and every person inspired, we come one step closer to a brighter, more sustainable future.
Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey and for believing in the power of youth, sports, and collective action.




ADEL - Slovakia
Asociatia de Turism si Ecologie pentru Tineret ZIMBRUL CARPATIN - Romania
Association WalkTogether - Bulgaria
Asociación Deportiva y Cultural Entrejuegos - Spain
HELIOS - Poland

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