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Digitally Well,
Generally Well

April 22-29, 2023

Our Erasmus+ youth exchange, held from the 22nd to the 29th of April 2023, was an outstanding success! With great pride, we reflect on the remarkable achievements and transformative experiences of this enriching journey. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our participants and delve into the world of "Digitally Well, Generally Well", the theme that brought together 36 young people from six different countries: Bulgaria, Slovakia, Turkiye, Spain, Hungary, and Greece.














- Exploring Digital Well-being: Through the power of non-formal education, our participants achieved incredible objectives during the exchange. The primary focus was on introducing and exploring the concept of digital well-being and digital wellness among youth. We collectively raised awareness about the negative impacts of excessive screen time on mental and physical health, identifying the habits that hinder digital wellness among young individuals.


Together, we discovered effective strategies to address and transform these habits into ones that promote digital wellness. Moreover, we uncovered the vital connection between digital well-being and overall mental and physical well-being. In a bold move, we even experimented with minimizing the use of digital tools to observe firsthand the positive impact of digital minimization on our lives.














- Physical Activities and Digital Well-being: Our participants understood the importance of striking a balance between digital engagement and physical activities. With enthusiasm and curiosity, they explored a variety of sports and physical activities aimed at mitigating the negative effects of excessive screen time. Through engaging exercises, we focused on improving posture, alleviating eye strain, and counteracting the physical repercussions of excessive digital tool usage.














One of the highlights of our youth exchange was the creation of a series of blog posts that featured the best advice, tips, and tricks to improve digital well-being. Each participant contributed their unique insights and perspectives, making it a collective effort to empower others in fostering a healthy relationship with digital technology.















We couldn't be prouder of the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our participants throughout the exchange. They fully immersed themselves in the learning process, embracing the opportunity to grow and expand their understanding of digital well-being. The exchange was a blend of education, active participation, and fun, creating memories that will be cherished forever.














We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our amazing participants, partner organizations, and dedicated team members who contributed to the success of this exchange. Your hard work and commitment have left an indelible mark on all of us. We are confident that each participant will continue their journey as ambassadors of digital well-being, inspiring others in their respective communities to embrace a balanced and healthy digital lifestyle.















The "Digitally Well, Generally Well" Erasmus+ youth exchange was an incredible triumph, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration, learning, and growth. We celebrate the achievements of our participants and their commitment to spreading awareness about digital well-being. As we conclude this chapter, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact our participants will continue to make in the realm of digital wellness.













Asociacion Deses-3 - Spain
Anadolu Hisari Rowing Club - Türkiye
Greek Youth Mobility (GYM) - Greece
ADEL - Slovakia
Sdruzhenie WalkTogether - Bulgaria

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