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Finish Line

May 2022 – April 2023 (Extended to May 2023)

People with mental health disorders are often excluded from participating in sports events throughout Europe. The reason being that there is no adequate promotion of awareness in the general public, while at the same time there are also no specific sports centres aimed at the inclusion of this target group to the world of sports. With the above critical issue in mind, we aspire to create a transnational semi-marathon in each participating country that will raise public awareness regarding the stigmatization of people with mental health disorders in sports.

Simultaneously, each participating organisation is responsible for holding a series of workshops, speeches and activities to further promote the inclusion of the target group in physical activities. The half marathons combined with the parallel workshops (for Hungary: 27 May 2023) will give make the project provide a holistic image regarding the exclusion that people with mental health disorders face when trying to participate in sports, thus leading to a deeper public understanding for this subject. The long term goal of the project is to perpetuate the semi-marathon and the other events in an annual basis, thus continuing to promote people with mental health disorders into sports.



  • To establish a mutual semi-Marathon that will connect participating countries and promote the idea of healthy sports competition between countries
    INIDCATORS: Number of semi-Marathons and events in each country

  • To use a sport event as a tool to promote the inclusion of people with mental health disorders in sports.
    INDICATORS: Number of related initiatives developed in each country after the event, number of people with mental health disorders participating in sports

  • utilize the semi-Marathon as a hub for conducting awareness raising events and activities for issues related to mental health disorders
    INDICATORS: Number of individuals and organisations informed from the events

  • To make participating organisations start an event which they can continue helding each year, while expanding it with more collaboration opportunities
    INDICATORS: Number of initiatives being organized after the project



Project partners:

  • iasis (Greece) - Coordinator

  • Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) (Hungary)

  • Leonardo (Italy)

  • Enalmh (Belgium)

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