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January 2021 – December 2022

Urban Sports as Social Inclusion 

Not many years ago, urban sports were considered leisure activities with which to spend time, mainly carried out by young people. However, the increase in the number of spectators and players led to a rapid development of professional competitions. Therefore, they are already considered as sports that can be included in the Olympic Games


The practice of Urban sports, in addition to physical activity, involves a series of rules and/or regulations to be carried out within a given space or area, and where the physical and technical capacity of the competitor is the primary basis for determining the result.

Urban sport increases self-esteem, skills, and abilities, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health, serves as an occupation of free time, promoting the acceptance of rules and standards, facilitating the transmission of educational values such as effort, perseverance, team spirit and can be use as tool for social inclusion. 



  • To encourage the healthy practice of urban sports and outdoor activities on young people.

  • To share good practice related Urban Sports in other countries.

  • To elaboration of eBook for the identification of good practices on urban sport as social inclusion.

  •  To awareness-raising activities in the local community of the partner countries about urban sports as tool for social inclusion and equal opportunities.

  • To create an Urban sport day in each country to promote the urban sports and give more visibility.

  • To increase the synergies with and between, local and regional stakeholders to promote Urban Sports and physical activities in the communities as a way to social inclusion of vulnerable young people


Project partners:

  • Association Compass (Spain)

  • Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) (Hungary)

  • Fitness Federation of Slovenia (FZS) (Slovenia)

  • Zavod Popotnik (Slovenia)

  • MSKU (Turkey)

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