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 January 2021 – June 2022

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ contributing to the Education Through Sport (ETS) methodologies for stress management and mindfulness to promote active lifestyle and inclusive society. ETS puts a special emphasis on skills development for stress management and mindfulness which are highly affecting people’s social, economic, professional, and personal wellbeing on a daily basis.


The target group are coaches/trainers/educators/youth workers who thrive on knowledge based on international workshops and meetings. The exchanges of good practices with experienced colleagues on sport-based methods of stress, crisis management and anxiety are playing a key role to help people avoid burnout.


Partners listed:
Lota’s Box
Move to Be You
Budapest Association for International Sports
Klub Zeglarski Horn Kraków
Asociación Cultural y Deportiva La Hoya

More information:

Kick Off Meeting in Budapest, Hungary


Budapest transnational meeting was held from 20 June to 21 June 2021 in Budapest, Hungary. During this meeting, several practical points were elaborated and arranged. The meeting allowed all the partners to get to know better each other, discuss the project design and its timeline, revise the planning project, clarify the distribution of responsibilities, and plan and take the main decisions about future activities. Partners presented the results of the survey on how the sport is used for stress management and mindfulness. The survey also showed that how civil organisations should collect the best educational practices. At the final of the meeting, partners spent time learning the basics of tequilas and fencing. Finally, participants celebrated the International day of Yoga by practising it on the riverside of the Danube.


Local Stakeholder events


During the StressLess project, each partner held local sport-related events like hiking, yoga, fencing and volleyball. You can find out more about those events from our 2nd newsletter here:

Closing meeting in Krakow, Poland


Krakow transnational meeting was organised from 5 to 6 May in Poland. The 3rd transnational project meeting allowed all the partners to develop a joint reflection on the overall evaluation. The hosting organization, the Sailing Club Horn organised several activities for members of the team and for the public. The teams tested our methods through a nordic walk tour around lake Bagry where Horn held its activities. Participants demonstrated our methods for SUP and sailing.


Project Outcomes (30+ motivational videos on our YouTube channel and


BAIS is glad to invite you to follow our website and YouTube channel to take the best use of the videos produced during the project. StressLess had a variety of sports and methods to cover the needs of the groups we work with. You will be able to find simple, easy daily routines, some physical exercises, pass-time activities, mindfulness and self-awareness raising techniques, meditation and many more. In the name of stressless team, we hope you will enjoy and find harmony and balance. Manual of educational methods for stress management and mindfulness  through sport is available in our educational manual and YouTube videos


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