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Skills through Sport for Employability and Entrepreneurship

April 2023 – October 2025

Skills through Sport for Employability and Entrepreneurship (Sport4E) - is an Erasmus+ Sports funded project in cooperation between different partners from European countries, working locally and internationally in the field of education, employability, entrepreneurship and sports. The project activities will be implemented by 6 partners from 5 different countries: Portugal, Italy, Germany and Hungary; and the duration of the project is 30 months.

The Sport4E project addresses the objective of promoting education and skills development in and through sport by implementing activities specifically focused on the creation of useful, attractive, and immediate open educational resources aimed at the development and implementation of soft and transversal skills that from sport can be applied to work.


The project intends to use skills and competencies acquired by coaches and sports instructors to train young athletes and unemployed people in developing a set of professional hard and soft skills to integrate them into the labour market and promote entrepreneurship among youth, ultimately aiding to generate labour through sport.

The main target groups of the Sport4E project are:

  • coaches and sports instructors

  • youth and young athletes that can be supported by sport in integration into the labour market and/or in developing entrepreneurial paths

  • The Sport4E project follows the “European Union Work Plan for Sport 2021 – 2024”, in which one of the prioritised areas is the socio-economic and environmental dimensions of sports.

The key objectives of the Sport4E project are:

  • to identify the skills useful for accessing the labour market, which can be developed through sports activities

  • to train sports instructors and coaches on how to transfer to athletes the key skills and competencies useful to enter the labour market or develop entrepreneurial paths

  • to support dual career paths of young athletes

  • to enhance the capacity-building of young athletes in entrepreneurial skills

  • to promote the development of key competencies in young athletes to access the labour market

  • to strengthen the link between educational and sports centres and association with the EU priorities in the field of sport

  • to develop cooperation among European organisations involved in sports activities, research, and studies


Project partners:

  • Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) – Hungary

  • Technical University of Munich (TUM) – Germany

  • International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (CEIPES) – Italy

  • Sindicato dos Jogadores Profissionais de Futebol (SJPF) – Portugal

  • Tempo Finito – Spain

  • Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ISCAP) – Portugal


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