One Goal

 January 2021 – December 2022

One Goal - a project to lighten up the world of football is beginning!

Together with our partners, we are starting a project that will promote women's football and help develop training skills for women football coaches around the globe. It will not only empower women football coaches but spread the word about the benefits of physical activity for all. Through the next two years, we will organize international trainings for coaches, national free football events for the public to join, methodologies for our results to be used as an example in the future.
We are all very excited to announce the news of our project! And be ready - exciting times lie ahead. Sports are about much more than medals. It is about personal glory and growth. Let’s all grow together!


Co-funded by the European Commission

Partners listed:
Lithuania (@activeyouthlt),

Bulgaria (,

Hungary (@wemovebudapest),

Italy (@CEIPES)

Uruguay (@audele.uruguay)