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January 2021 – December 2022

Funmilies ("intergenerational sport solutions for healthy ageing") is a project aimed to facilitate connections between younger and older generations through the power of doing physical activity together.

The project aims to address the challenges of loneliness, isolation, as well as the problems related to sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement of older people (65+) in Europe through the promotion of active and healthy ageing. It intends to encourage participation in sport and physical activity. 
While older people in Europe generally live longer compared to previous generations, they also tend to face multiple disadvantages, including loneliness and isolation. There are also worrying data across Europe which indicate that young people (25+) suffer from a sedentary lifestyle as well as a lack of regular movement because of the amount of time spent on computers and mobile phones.


The key objectives include:

• Enhance participation and cooperation in intergenerational sports activities of elders of 65+ and youth of 25-.

• Enhance the awareness and capacities of sports professionals in organizing/implementing intergenerational sports activities.

• Increase awareness on the importance of physical activity, healthy living and active ageing among older and younger citizens.

• Increase the access of persons 65+ in sports activities, and relevant information.

• Strengthen the physical skills, social skills, self-esteem and psychological skills, cognitive skills and general wellbeing of elders (65+) and of youth (25- ).

• Promote the concept and benefits of intergenerational sports to relevant stakeholders, actors and policy makers in the fields of sports, healthy living and active ageing.

The beneficial outcomes of the project can lead to enhanced solidarity between generations, which helps the EU’s goal of promoting active and healthy aging, and creating age-friendly environments that make it natural for people of all ages to meet and support each other.


Project partners:

•    Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (ANCE) – Greece (Co-ordinator)
•    Active Bulgarian Society (ABS) – Bulgaria
•    CSC Danilo Dolci – Italy
•    Slovenian Third Age University – Slovenia




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