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Digital Fitness: A Healthy Approach to Screen Time

Erasmus+ Sport Small Scale Collaboration Project: 101134492 
November 2023 to April 2025

In an era dominated by digital interactions, the "Digital Fitness" project, funded by Erasmus+ Sport program, stands as a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering healthier digital and physical habits among European youth. Led by the Budapest Association for International Sports in collaboration with Lagerta from Serbia and Copenhagen Youth Network from Denmark, this project seeks to address the increasing concerns about the physical and mental health impacts of excessive screen time.

Project Overview

"Digital Fitness" is designed to equip young individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the digital world healthily. The project focuses on:

  • Educating youth about healthy practices, sleep hygiene, and responsible digital device usage.

  • Introducing practical strategies to manage screen time effectively and encourage physical activity.

  • Utilizing technology, such as apps and platforms, to monitor and improve digital behavior and wellness.

Project Objectives

The primary goals of the "Digital Fitness" project include:

  1. Promoting a balanced digital lifestyle among youth by enhancing awareness of digital well-being.

  2. Developing and disseminating innovative digital tools that encourage an active lifestyle.

  3. Providing educational resources and training for sports coaches, educators, and youth workers on integrating digital fitness into their programs.

Implementation Strategy

The project is structured around several key activities:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment to tailor the program effectively.

  • Development of interactive digital tools and platforms to engage participants and facilitate the implementation of learned behaviors.

  • Collaborative efforts with European partners to ensure a broad impact and sustainable implementation.

Impact and Reach

"Digital Fitness" is a movement towards sustainable digital health practices. It aims to create lasting changes in the behavior of European youth, reducing the risks associated with digital overuse, such as mental health disorders and sedentary lifestyles. The project's reach extends beyond individual participants, influencing communities and policy at a broader level, thus fostering a healthier, more active generation.


The partners involved in the "Digital Fitness: A Healthy Approach to Screen Time" project are:

  1. Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) - As the project coordinator, BAIS is responsible for overall project management and coordination, leveraging its expertise in sport-based education and international project management.

  2. Lagerta - Specializing in promoting healthy and active lifestyles across all generations, Lagerta contributes to the project by focusing on physical activities and developing educational workshops and materials.

  3. Copenhagen Youth Network (CYN) - With a strong background in working with marginalized youth and organizing intercultural projects, CYN leads the design and development of the digital fitness program, aiming to integrate digital health education into youth activities effectively.

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