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Accelerating Education on Sustainable Development

April 2022 – October 2023

Accelerating Education on Sustainable Development (AccESD) is an 18-month Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership project contributing to the capacity building of grassroots sports clubs to work transnationally and across sectors in the field of sustainable development. More specifically, the AccESD project enables the members of staff in the sport clubs to acquire values, knowledge and skills required to shape their organisation and its activities in a sustainable way through the educational process, which include organising local actions as a means of multiplying learning for transformation within the local community. 


Education of the members of staff in sports clubs is complemented by local actions organised by the sports clubs for citizens in their communities. The goal is to promote sustainable practices in local communities, while at the same time promoting social inclusion of vulnerable citizens, and making sports clubs more attractive and recognised for their good work in the local community.


This newly established collaborative network of grassroots sports clubs and civil society organisations, which are all active in the field of sustainable development, can contribute more effectively to the European Climate Pact, an EU-wide initiative inviting people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe.


Project partners:

  • Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) – Hungary

  • Sustainable Society Accelerator (ACC) – Croatia

  • Active citizens (AG) – Croatia

  • Kajak kanu klub Mladost (KKKM) – Croatia

  • Kajakaško društvo Brkati som (KDBS) – Slovenia

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